Our Approach

Talent Invest provides customised people solutions that unlocks talent at individual, team and organisational level. The Talent Invest team have an invaluable passion for both business and people and is positioned in the consulting industry as a credible partner in delivering winning solutions.

People Solutions

Enterprise & Supplier Development

Few people are born with the knowledge and people management skills to run a successful business. Most entrepreneurs have learned from training and observation as to what works and what does not.

Workshops and Group Facilitations

Our standard workshops include the following:
Conflict Management and Resolution
Emotional Intelligence
Team dynamics and challenges
Leadership and Management Development
Customised workshops

Strategic Business Planning

We partner with organisations at management and executive level to facilitate strategic business sessions where critical business decisions are made regarding direction, goals and strategies for growth and development over a defined period of time.

Assessments and Profiling

As each individual is unique, with a unique set of skills, abilities, behaviours and experiences, there are a number of dimensions that need to be considered when assessing individuals.

Change Management

We facilitate change throughout an individual, team or organisational context by implementing various initiatives based on sound change management principles and programmes.

About Us

Talent Invest consists of a team of professionals to service your needs.
Christelle Hargroves (CEO and Founder) specialises as a Talent and Development Executive and qualified Organisational Psychologist with vast experience an exceptional business insight and understanding. These skills and experience
across various industries as well as business operations has given the Talent Invest team exposure in understanding key business drivers.

Our Core Values

  • Passion

    We are exceptionally passionate about what we do, the services we offer and what results we achieve. We partner with clients and organisations to understand their unique needs and customise solutions to achieve the best result. We keep our solutions very practical which enables us to connect with diverse individuals and create winning solutions.

  • Impact

    Our solutions impact not only lives of individuals, but also teams, organisations and communities at large. Our value as a company originates as a significant partner to businesses across industries and various operations. An exceptional understanding of business and people assists us to bring these two aspects together to create dynamic synergies and winning results.

  • Change

    Our output-based approach leads to change, at individual, team and/ or organisational level. We value change as we believe that change grows us, stretches us and enables us to embrace new challenges in the world of work. We remain innovative in our solutions and continuously develop winning offerings.

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Christelle Hargroves

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