New BBBEE Codes and Implications

The revised Codes of Good Practice of 2015 changed the way B-BBEE scorecards are calculated by increasing the number of points required to achieve each level, automatic downgrading B-BBEE ratings by at least one to two levels for most corporates. The new codes group Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Procurement into one section, amounting to 36% of the points available on the scorecard. 10 Points are allocated to Supplier Development and 5 to Enterprise development initiatives.

More specifically, measured entities required to achieve a minimum of 40% of the total targets of the 3 subcategories in order to avoid a penalty discount provision on the overall BBBEE scorecard.

Enterprise Development Solution

Few people are born with inherent knowledge and people management skills to run a successful business.

Our Enterprise Development Programme is very practical and hands on, primarily aimed at building basic skills for managing a small to medium enterprise.

It includes the following elements:

  • Strategic business planning and understanding the business context within the broader environment
  • Basic business skills and understanding core support services vs revenue generating function
  • Management development and coaching
  • Leveraging revenue generating opportunities to achieve sustainable business growth
  • Other

Supplier Development Solution

Key areas of focus for supplier development relates to management of a business and business demands as well as the ability to deliver to clients’ needs.

The programme will focus on the company’s current qualifying suppliers and consists of the following:

  • Customer experience analysis and insights
  • Strategic planning
  • Management development and coaching
  • Service delivery and expectation management

Please contact us for a more detailed proposal and programme overview.